Wood products company investigates whether machine failure may have caused forest fire


WEED, Calif. – An Oregon-based wood products company said it was investigating a possible malfunction of a water-spray machine at its plant that could have caused a wildfire in northern California. California.

In a news release, Roseburg Forest Products Co. said machinery from a third-party equipment manufacturer is used to cool the ashes at its veneer plant.

“The process of handling the ashes and disposing of them safely depends on the proper functioning of third-party machines, so it makes sense to investigate the potential failure of these machines as the immediate cause of the fire,” Pete said. Hillan, spokesperson for Roseburg. Forest Products Co. “Roseburg is working closely with state and local investigators to determine if this is the case.”

The company also announced that while the origin of the fire remains to be determined, it plans to provide up to $50 million for a community restoration fund.

The factory fire broke out on September 2 at the company’s facility in Weed, the Associated Press reported.

” machine supplied by a third party”.

The company said it was investigating whether this third-party machine did not cool the ashes sufficiently, thus starting the fire.

The blaze destroyed 107 structures and damaged 26 others, and also killed two people, the outlet reported.

On Tuesday, the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office said two women, ages 66 and 73, were found dead by first responders Friday at different locations in the town of Weed.


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