Who are the largest wood product manufacturers in Quebec?


NORTHERN FREEDOM, Iowa – A dozen bakery companies included in the FDMC 300 2022 have their head office in Quebec.

The ranking of the largest manufacturers of secondary wood products in North America is updated annually by Woodworking Network, which organizes the Salon Industriel du Bois Ouvré (SIBO) at the new Centrexpo Cogeco in Drummondville.

Based in Montreal Dorel Industries, No. 17 in the FDMC 300, ranks 1st among Quebec companies. Dorel manufactures residential, RTA and children’s furniture, and other consumer products at its five plants in Canada and the United States. Dorel’s sales totaled approximately $907.3 million in 2020. The company employs 1,500 people. Its divisions include Altra, Ameriwood, Cosco Home & Office, Dorel Asia, Dorel Home Products, Ridgewood, Carina, SystemBuild and Notio Living.

The other 12 Quebec wood products companies included in the 2022 FDMC 300 report include:

eSolutions furniture#51
Sherbrooke, QC
$200 million (estimated)
600 employees
Bestar, which purchased Bush Industries in early 2020, rebranded itself as eSolutions Furniture last spring with the aim of propelling “the sale of residential and commercial furniture to the international marketplace through cutting-edge e-commerce solutions.”

Lacasse Group, No. 84
Saint Pie, QC
$100 million (estimated)
400 employees

Canadel Furniture Inc.#87
Louiseville, QC
$100 million (estimated)
600 employees

Elran Furniture Ltd.#101
Pointe-Claire, QC
$80 million (estimated)
420 employees

Cabico Group#113
Coaticook, QC
$75 million (estimated)
600 employees

Artitalia Group, No. 136
Montreal, QC
$52.1 million (estimate)
500 employees

Artopex, No. 145
Granby, QC
$50 million (estimated)
500 employees

Foliot Furniture#148
Saint-Jerome, QC
$50 million (estimated)
400 employees

Fabricec Cabinets Ltd, No. 149
Bromont, QC
$50 million (estimated)
350 employees

Ideal Kitchen Group Inc., No. 162
Sherbrooke, QC
$40 million (estimated)
250 employees

Miralis, No. 176
Saint-Anaclet, QC
$34.6 million (estimated)
180 employees

Saint Pie, QC
$18 million (estimated)
150 employees

A total of 38 Canadian companies feature in the FDMC 300 2022 ranking, including 15 in Ontario, five in Manitoba, three in British Columbia and one in Saskatchewan and one in Alberta.

Read the 2022 FDMC report.


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