New Olivehurst Business Bringing Locally Sourced Wood Products to the Community | News


The USRW Certified Urban Lumber Store opened in Olivehurst last week, giving the public a first-hand look at the beauty of local artisans’ work and other urban lumber products.

“We were overwhelmed with the incredible support from Yuba County residents during our grand opening this past weekend,” said Jennifer Alger, Executive Director of USRW Inc. “Finally, urban lumber producers have a standard and certification for their products that give credibility to the wood they produce.And now, with this collaborative multi-vendor store, they will have a place to resell that wood to the communities in which the trees grew.

According to a statement released by the company, USRW Certified Urban Wood Store is a new local one-stop-shop for all things urban wood in Northern California, bringing together local lumber and finished products made in communities. surrounding areas as well as supplying woodworking supplies such as Rubio Monocoat.

Purchasing locally sourced wood and finished wood products reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting these woods from overseas or the East Coast, reduces the load on landfills, provides jobs supporting the local economy, improves health and well-being by being surrounded by natural materials, and more. , according to the press release.

“We all love our urban forests and all our trees,” Alger said. “It’s nice to know that these beautiful resources won’t go into the already full waste stream when they reach the end of their life. We couldn’t be more excited to open the first USRW Certified Urban Lumber Store right here in Yuba County.

The grand opening took place on April 23 at the store located at 1334 Melody Rd. in Olivehurst. The store will also be holding a Mother’s Day sale on May 7, and the entire store will be filled with 10-50% discounts. Coffee and mimosas will also be available when shopping.

“They have everything from handcrafted woods to large slabs, finished charcuterie boards, tables and everything in between – and be sure to ask for the interesting backstory of the trees from each of the rooms in the store,” reads -on in the release.

USRW Certified Urban Wood Store is a project funded by Cal Fire, CCI for Urban Wood Network members in the region who follow the USRW Chain of Custody certification program, read the release, which ensures that all wood in the store is sustainably sourced and has a traceable chain of custody.


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