In pictures: Everything you need to know about the timber industry from Ayoyama to Damietta


CAIRO – August 17, 2022: Woodcarving and ayoyama woodworking industry is a craft known to Damietta residents who work in furniture making.

Ayoyama is a craft that transforms wood into a masterpiece of shapes and patterns of great artistic value.

Ahmed Shaaban Al-Serafy, a carpenter from Damietta, works in the carpentry trade, inheriting the profession from father to grandfather.

“I work as a furniture maker and love carving wood and adapting wood to produce valuable artistic forms,” Ahmed said, adding that in his trade he uses special tools.

The beginning was the manufacture of a long series of wood without any welding. He worked on a model of an entire palace inside a large bottle and sculpted an anthropomorphic figure featuring the Egyptian gambler Mohamed Salah, in addition to several pharaonic forms.

He added: “This work is precise and time-consuming, but any fatigue fades when the craft is finished. He pointed out that his work in the field of blacksmithing enabled him to easily invent and modify certain tools that helped him in his woodcarving work.


Al-Serafy added, I participated in many art exhibitions including Nile Arts Forum, Sohba Art Exhibition and Arts Festival. I’ve been honored in many meetings, which are honors.

El-Serafy continued, “I hope the development will continue to prove that the Egyptian furniture maker and maker of the people of Damietta Governorate is capable of innovation and creativity.


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