Denbighshire Council reassures re-opening of Meifod Wood Products


WORK is underway to reopen a popular site in Vale of Clwyd.

Meifod Wood Products, on the Colomendy Industrial Estate in Denbigh, is one of four Denbighshire County Council businesses providing real working environments for the personal and social development of people supported by the Learning Disability Service.

The company has not reopened since the end of the Covid-19 closures, although the county council reassures residents that work will continue for a possible reopening of Meifod.

Delyth Lloyd Williams’ daughter Rhiannon in Meifod

A spokesperson for Denbighshire County Council said: ‘We know how much the community appreciates Meifod.

“The municipal cabinet is committed to reopening Meifod as a municipal service, with additional investment.

“The reopening plans have been informed based on feedback from service users, officers and a task force and arrivals group of elected members.

“We want to reassure citizens who frequent Meifod and their families that work is currently underway on the site to restore it to reopening condition.

“This includes work to help improve the heating system and provide better quality air circulation in the building to protect against Covid-19.

“We intend that all interested parties continue to be kept informed of Meifod’s reopening plans.”

LILY: Update on the reopening of Meifod

Denbigh Council members Cllr Rhys Thomas and Cllr Mark Young are both delighted that a contract has been awarded to a local company to carry out essential construction work so that Meifod can reopen soon.

“As members of the neighborhood and as supporters of Meifod, we are both asking local residents and businesses to be prepared to support Meifod Wood when it reopens,” said Cllr Thomas.

“The best way to support this special place is to buy their great wood products and tell others about the important work Meifod does with adults with learning needs.”

Last summer, Denbighshire County Council launched an engagement exercise for Meifod, soliciting views from current users and stakeholders.

Denbighshire Free Press: Delyth Lloyd Williams' daughter Rhiannon at MeifodDelyth Lloyd Williams’ daughter Rhiannon in Meifod

Delyth Lloyd Williams is one of the mothers who lobbied the council to reopen Meifod.

“My daughter loved going to Meifod,” Delyth said.

“It was her routine and she enjoyed being in a work environment and then receiving a token pay slip at the end of the week.

“I know workers ask their family members every day ‘when can we go back to Meifod’ and every morning they don’t get a ‘not yet’ answer.”

Delyth said family and friends of the workers started the Ffrindiau Meifod group.

“While things take time, individuals really feel it.

“When it reopens, there will be a lot of smiling, happy faces.

Denbighshire Free Press: Delyth Lloyd Williams' daughter Rhiannon on the bench she made at MeifodDelyth Lloyd Williams’ daughter Rhiannon on the bench she made at Meifod

It is possible that Meifod could reopen before the end of April, although work is underway.

“It’s so positive,” Delyth added.

“In my daughter’s case, there is nowhere like Meifod.

“At Meifod, she can come in and do things.

“We have a bench in the garden with ‘made by Rhiannon’ on it, which is huge.”


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